I’ve added some stuff

This started out with just the post for people to leave a “forwarding address” but I’ve now added a page for other discussions, and also a “contact me” page in case there are things people would prefer to say to me privately.

On the sidebar I’ve added a link to the Nymwars wiki page. If there are other useful links you think I should add, please let me know.

And if there’s anything else you’d like to see here, please tell me. I’m not promising to do everything anyone asks… but I’ve set this place up as a service to this dispersed community, so please, feel free to say.


Care to leave a forwarding address?

With more and more people disappearing off the face of Google+ as a result of the nymwars – whether it’s because they get thrown out, or because they decide to leave instead of worrying about getting thrown out, or because they just get tired of seeing their friends disappear – I thought it could be good to have a place where we can leave our “forwarding address”: just a comment to say where else on the net others could find us if they miss us when we’re gone.

It just feels so sad to see people disappear when you’ve just started to get to know them, obviously you’re not anywhere near the “let’s exchange emails” stage but you enjoy interacting with them and when they’re gone, there’s something missing.

So I’m opening up this post to enable people to say – if they wish – where they could be found if/when they’re no longer on G+. (And please say what name you’ve been known by on G+ so that others who have only met you there will know who you are.)

I know people have sometimes posted a farewell note on G+ and said where they could be found, but these notes, like everything else on G+, are ephemeral. Stuff gets swallowed in the stream, and if you don’t get to see it before the person disappears then their post disappears too.

I’m setting this to first post moderation so that if any trolls decide to visit this asylum I’ll be the only one that has to hear them.

Meirav (aka Lyagushka)

p.s. One of the reasons I thought this would be a good place to do it, is that on WordPress people can comment without having to sign up for a WordPress account, so it’s accessible to all.